How much do you charge?
The cost of your treatment is based on a number of factors including; whether your treatment is provided in your own home or at clinic, how long your session is and how many therapists are involved.  The best thing to do is contact us with your requirements.

How long will your session last?
Typically one hour.

Do I need a referral from my GP or consultant?
No, this is not necessary, but we do recommend you inform your doctor.  With your consent we will send a brief letter to your doctor once treatment has commenced.

What can I expect to happen on my first appointment?
On your first visit, we will take a detailed history of your condition, followed by a thorough physical examination.  Together we can then discuss your goals, help you to set realistic targets and develop a personal treatment programme.

This initial assessment will last approximately 60 minutes.  We advise that you wear loose clothing, ideally shorts or loose trousers/skirt and a vest top; this helps us to assess you and identify your problems more easily.


Take a look at our FAQs or contact us:
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