MindMotion™ GO For Home Use

We are now able to offer a home therapy program to support MindMotion™ GO.

Developed by MindMaze, the MindMotion™ GO is a certified medical software device supporting the physical and cognitive rehabilitation of adults with a neurological condition.

What are the benefits?

Fun, easy to use activities
Easy to use in your own home
Tailored activities for the whole body that can transfer into daily living tasks
Motivating and challenging

Only requires TV/external screen with HDM1 port (with 16:9 resolution ratio) and some space to move!

Is this for me?

Your therapist will assess you for suitability and plan a rehabilitation program that is bespoke to your rehabilitation goals.

See more for yourself…

 MindMotion™ Video

Contact us for more information.

Purchase Or Rent

You can purchase or rent the MindMotion GO directly from MindMaze. NTRehab will provide a rehabilitation package consisting of home visits and remote support designed to maximise the benefits from your home therapy program.

User testimonial

"You do not realise that you are doing the exercise because you are so engrossed."

"I am just seeing progress after progress and that motivates me ."