Brain Injury

Types of brain injury

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI): This is an injury affecting the brain since birth and there can be many causes including tumour, Stroke, encephalitis, meningitis, or aneurysm.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): This is an injury to the brain caused by a trauma to the head. There can be many traumatic brain injury causes including road traffic accidents, assault or fall.

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What are the effects of brain injuries?

The brain is a highly complex structure that is responsible for a wide range of functions within the body including:

  • Behaviour
  • Cognition
  • Memory
  • Movement

The area and size of damage to the brain will affect which functions are affected.

What are the physical effects of brain injury?

The physical symptoms of brain injury include:

  • Weakness, paralysis, spasticity, stiffness, changes in sensation. This may result in balance problems and difficulty walking or loss of arm function.
  • Foot drop due to weakness in the muscles that lift the foot. This can lead to trips and falls.
  • Fatigue
  • Pain
  • Ataxia (reduced co-ordination)
  • Epilepsy
  • Speech difficulties

How can physiotherapy help with the effects of brain injury?

Physiotherapy can help with brain injury rehabilitation in the following ways:

  • Exercises to build strength and stamina and to improve range of movement at stiff joints.
  • Hands on therapy to encourage normal patterns of movement. This is based on the ‘Bobath Concept’.
  • Balance Exercises.
  • Walking re-education.
  • Advice on spasticity management
  • Treatment of foot-drop, for example advice on splints or muscle stimulation.
  • Advice on walking aids or equipment.

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Where do we cover?

NT Rehab offers specialist physiotherapy across a wide geographical area, including:

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Some of Our Specialist Physiotherapists


Emma is passionate about helping people recover from the effects of brain injury and has many years experience working at a senior level.

She has developed specialist skills within her post-graduate training including Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and the Bobath Concept.

Emma is a member of ACPIN.

She covers Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, Aldridge and Lichfield areas.

Professional Memberships

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy: 090301

Health and Care Professions Council: PH98246


Suzanne qualified as a physiotherapist 20 years ago and has spent the last 14 years specialising in neurological rehabilitation and has extensive experience in the treatment of clients with brain injuries.

Specialist skills include postural management, electrical stimulation, hands-on therapy, tracheostomy management and splinting.

Suzanne is a member of ACPIN (association of chartered physiotherapists interested in neurology).

Suzie covers Leamington Spa, Nuneaton and surrounding areas.


Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Across The Midlands

NT Rehab offers specialist physiotherapy services throughout the Midlands: