Foot Drop

This is a general term used to describe difficulty lifting the foot up from the ankle, which results in catching the toes and tripping. Consequently, there is a need to lift the leg higher from the hip during walking which can make walking effortful and unsteady.

A foot drop stimulator is an electrical device used to stimulate specific muscles in the lower leg to lift the foot when walking. This helps to gain a more normal walking pattern, improve walking speed, balance and reduce trips and falls.

Mobilising stiff joints in the feet
Balance work
Strength and stretching programmes
Walking Re-education
Advice on ankle/foot supports
Advice on your suitability for a foot drop simulator
Electrical stimulation to help improve strength/range of movement

Benefits may include

Improved balance leading to reduced trips/falls
Reduced effort of walking
Improved confidence of walking
Reduced need for stick or other walking aid