Privacy Policy


We take your privacy seriously. This document explains how we keep your personal information safe.

Neuro-Therapy are committed to safeguarding your personal information, we are legally obliged to treat your information with care in line with Data Protection Law (Data Protection Act 1998; EU Data protection directive). This document explains how we do this.

Who We Are

Neuro-Therapy (UK) Limited are a private Physiotherapy company. It has two directors; Jane Creed and Helen Edwards. We are the ‘Data Controller’ for the information we hold, which means we are responsible for deciding how we look after your Data.

The Information We Collect/Hold

  • Personal information including Name/Address/Date of Birth/email address/next of kin details/where or who you would like us to send our invoice
  • Clinical information including diagnosis/past medical history
  • Reports shared with us by other Health professionals
  • Clinical record of the treatment received by your Physiotherapist

Clinical information is stored electronically by our ‘data processor’ on an iCloud system and is subject to rigorous technical software’s to ensure the safety of the document. Historically we also have paper clinical records which are held by a third-party company also subject to rigorous security measures.

Please inform us of any changes to your personal details, to ensure we hold accurate information/contact details for you.

How we use the information

  • To plan, implement and monitor your physiotherapy
  • To facilitate your clinical management
  • For internal administrative purposes
  • Statistical analysis on business activities

Who do we share your information with?

We may need to share information with third parties to facilitate the smooth running of your physiotherapy/overall health care needs. This may be a relative/another health professional, or organisation directly involved in the co-ordination of your health care. We only do this when it is considered necessary, we use the minimum required, apply the principle that access is on a need to know basis. To act in your best interest, we may need to share information related to your care including letters/email/fax or telephone conversations.

You have the right to prevent us from sharing information. If you expressly forbid us from sharing information with other health professionals or third parties directly involved in your care, then it may prevent us from giving you the most appropriate care and for others to assist you.

Please inform us immediately if you do not wish us to share information.

We ask you to initially inform the directors verbally as quickly as possible.

How long we keep your information for

We are legally obliged to retain our clinical records as below:

Children and young people

Retain until the patients 25th Birthday or 26th if the young person was 17 at the conclusion of treatment, or 8 years after death.

Adult records

8 years after the conclusion of treatment or death.

Once the retention period has expired, the records will be securely and permanently destroyed.

If your treatment is being paid for under a contract of insurance (e.g. BUPA, AXA-PPP etc policies), the terms of that insurance contract may require us to tell your insurer:

Record keeping guidance – PD061 – January 2012 47

  • Your name, address, and insurance policy number
  • Any pre-authorisation number you may have for treatment with us
  • The dates you attend, or fail to attend, for assessment and treatment with us
  • A short description of the condition we are treating you for, which may include diagnosis and relevant history.
  • The name of the person who has referred you to us
  • Our charges to the insurance company.

If you do not allow us to pass this information about you to your insurer as part of their monitoring of their insurance contract with you, then we may not be able to treat you as an insurance-funded patient. You should discuss any concerns with your insurance company prior to commencing treatment with us.

Your rights

You have several rights relating to your information e.g. to see what we hold, to ask us to share it with a third party, ask us to update or correct information, to make a complaint.

You have the right to request access to any personal information held by Neuro-Therapy. To do this please put your request in writing and send with proof of identity to Helen Edwards.

Helen Edwards
Gainsborough Hill Farmhouse
Chester Road


Neuro-Therapy assume that by agreeing to a consultation with a physiotherapist you are agreeing to our Privacy Statement. Please contact us immediately if you have any queries or do not agree to the terms stated.